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Preventing Subclinical Hypocalcemia Saves $$$

Bottom line, SCH results in reduced feed consumption and lowered milk production, which directly impacts your dairy’s productivity and profitability. (Brooks, 2020) According to Donna Amaral-Philips, University of Kentucky Extension Dairy Specialist, financial losses to subclinical hypocalcemia average approximately $125 per affected cow. (Amaral-Philips) SCH is much more common than most dairy producers realize. According to [...]

Ten Ways to Improve Early Lactation Performance and Peak Milk Yield

1. Start cows with a successful dry period Research shows dry period nutrition and management affects health and performance after birth. Thus, evaluate your dry cow program if you’re unhappy with milk cow performance. Key goals for dry cows include: Maintaining dry matter intake (28 to 32 pounds per day) Avoiding overfeeding energy Preventing body condition [...]

Drenching Fresh Cows

For generations, dairymen have given buckets of warm water to new fresh cows, knowing that calving was a tough job and resulted in large fluid loss. Re-hydrating the cows simply made sense.Today, the dairy industry knows more about the science behind calving, confirming the value of re-hydration. Improvements in drenching equipment and better ingredients in the drench [...]

Fresh Cow Bolus “CP”

Cal-Mate CP  Fresh Cow Bolus is formulated with immediate and sustained release calcium for metabolic support during freshening. Each bolus contains 43 grams of calcium and they are easy to administer.  You can start by giving one bolus prior to or immediately following calving and an additional bolus 12-24 hours later.  These bolus are the most [...]

What to Do for that Scouring Calf

Make sure that your electrolyte solution has what diarrhea-drained calves actually need. by Geof Smith, D.V.M. CALF diarrhea or “scours” continues to be a major health problem. In fact, according to the last National Animal Health Monitoring System (NAHMS) dairy study, more than 60 percent of all death loss in calves less than 2 months of [...]

What to look for in an Oral Electrolyte Product

There are five major infectious causes of diarrhea in calves less than 21 days of age:  E. coli K99, rotavirus, coronavirus, Cryptosporidia, and Salmonella species. Noninfectious factors such as insufficient or poor quality colostrum, poor sanitation, stress, and cold weather can also cause or contribute to neonatal calf diarrhea. Regardless of the cause, diarrhea results in increased loss of electrolytes and [...]

Optimize feed intake immediately after calving by supplying 10 to 15 gallons of warm water with our drinkable Drench: providing multiple sources of highly soluble calcium, magnesium, niacin, potassium, glucogenic propionate, yeast and vitamins so that your fresh cow will reach optimum peak milk production. 🐄🥛👏 ...

Get early detection of subclinical hypocalcemia in cows with our Cal-Meter 💯
With its low cost and rapid blood iCa analysis, the meter is ideal for individual animal and herd-level monitoring on farms. Easy to use, both dairy farmers and veterinarians can now measure iCa in a cow’s blood samples in minutes, not days!

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