What to Look for in an Oral Electrolyte Product

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Benefits of Drenching Cows

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Bovine Surgery for Fistulation of the Rumen and Cannula Placement

Describes the surgical technique for creating a rumen fistula for the purpose of implanting a 4 inch rumen cannula… Download PDF

What to do for that scouring calf

Make sure that your electrolyte solution has what diarrhea-drained calves actually need. ALF diarrhea or “scours” continues to be a major health problem. In fact, according to the last National Animal Health Monitoring System (NAHMS) dairy study, more than 60 percent of all death loss in calves less than 2 months of age is a direct result of scours…Read More/Download PDF

Effect of orally administered electrolyte solution formulation on abomasal luminal pH and emptying rate in dairy calves.

Neonatal diarrhea is the leading cause of calf death in most countries and a major source of economic loss to the cattle industry. Despite progress in understanding the pathophysiology of neonatal diarrhea, recent data indicate that > 60% of dairy heifer calf deaths in the United States result from diarrhea… Read More/Download PDF

Rumen Fluid Extraction Made Easy

“For years and years, we’ve all known the very best thing for a sick cow is to receive healthy rumen fluid,” says Bernie Mulder, founder of Drench-Mate. Yet, until now, there hasn’t been an easy way to obtain that fluid.

The creators of Drench-Mate, a self-contained drenching system, have recently released their newest product, Rumen-Mate. This product can not only be used for drenching a cow with rumen fluid, but also for the extraction of healthy rumen fluid from a donor cow. Read More

Effect of oral administration of propylene glycol during periparturient period on blood biochemical parameters and liver triacylglycerol accumulation in postparturient dairy cows

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Case Study: Evaluation of Calcium Propionate and Propylene Glycol Administered into the Esophagus of Dairy Cattle at Calving

A field study was conducted to evaluate the effects of oral drenching with additional energy or energy plus calcium on blood parameters and performance of fresh cows. Treatments were 9.5 L water (control), 9.5 L water plus 300 mL (310 g) propylene glycol (PG), or 9.5 L water plus 0.68 kg calcium propionate (CP). Cows received the assigned drench within 4 h of calving and again 24 h post-calving. Animals were bled prior to each drench and on d 4 and 10 of lactation…

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Evaluation of rumen transfaunation after surgical correction of left-sided displacement of the abomasum in cows

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Dead Cows Don’t Eat

Dairy Transfaunation, “A New Paradigm for the Progressive Dairy Practitioner”

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An Update on Hypocalcemia on Dairy Farms

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Drenching on the Rise

Drenching Cows with the Drench-Mate SystemExperts see a trend to rumen therapy to reduce costly problems with transition cows. Read our drenching article as featured in Western Dairy Business as well as Dairy World by IBA.

For generations, dairymen have given buckets of warm water to new fresh cows, knowing that calving was a tough job and resulted in large fluid loss. Re-hydrating the cows simply made sense. Today, researchers and dairy producers know more about the science …

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The Drench-Mate Advantage

Cow Drenching Manual with the Drench-Mate System

• Easy to operate — drenching can be done safely with one person
• Three models in different capacities to suit operations of all sizes
• Also suitable for feeding calves
• Made from durable, high-quality materials
• All fittings made with corrosion-resistant brass and stainless steel

The Drench-Mate is a unique, high-quality system specifically designed for pumping fluids into ruminants. It features a long 10-foot hose which reaches the bottom of the rumen. Since the cow’s lungs are located in front of the rumen, shorter esophageal tubes on competitive products severely increase the risk of pumping fluids… Read More

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55th Annual Hoard’s Dairyman Round Table

Dairyman Round TableFour Round Table participants talk about how they get the most bang for their buck. Labor-saving devices, cow health improvers, and keeping people happy save… and make these dairy producers money.


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Let’s rethink transition cow “success”

Recent studies indicate we can improve milk yield and reproductive health by changing the way we care for transition cows. by Thomas R. Over ton and Daryl V. Nydam, D.V.M.

DON’T LOOK AT TRANSITION COWS solely as a disease situation that must be managed. View transition cows differently. Look at these cows as a production and reproduction opportunity.

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