“RFE” Rumen Fluid Extractor


The Rumen Fluid Extraction and Transfaunation System

This device gives the ability to extract rumen fluid via the esophagus of any cow rather than through a fistulated cow. The Rumen-Mate pump and bucket is required for this procedure to take place.


The Rumen-Mate, was designed to make the process of extracting rumen fluid from a donor cow simple and effective via the esophagus.  This equipment makes it possible to collect the pure rumen fluid in a bucket a bit slower than with a fistulated cow. Then using the same bucket and pump, by only turning two valves, the healthy fluid is easily drenched into a sick cow.

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 24 in

Cow RFE, Calf RFE

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  1. Walter Littlehorn

    The Rumen-Mate is a great addition in the Livestock Medicine and Surgery Service at CSU. It allows us to efficiently collect rumen fluid from a fistulated animal, with only one person. We used to use a syphon method for collecting rumen fluid from our donor animals. However, this method could be quite time consuming depending on the amount of fiber fill in the rumen. The Rumen-Mate is a simple and easy, requiring very little training.

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