“RFE” Rumen Fluid Extractor

“RFE” Rumen Fluid Extractor


The Rumen Fluid Extraction and Transfaunation System

This device gives the ability to extract rumen fluid via the esophagus of any cow rather than through a fistulated cow. The Rumen-Mate pump and bucket is required for this procedure to take place.

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The Rumen-Mate, was designed to make the process of extracting rumen fluid from a donor cow simple and effective via the esophagus.  This equipment makes it possible to collect the pure rumen fluid in a bucket a bit slower than with a fistulated cow. Then using the same bucket and pump, by only turning two valves, the healthy fluid is easily drenched into a sick cow.

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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 24 in

Cow RFE, Calf RFE

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  1. Walter Littlehorn

    The Rumen-Mate is a great addition in the Livestock Medicine and Surgery Service at CSU. It allows us to efficiently collect rumen fluid from a fistulated animal, with only one person. We used to use a syphon method for collecting rumen fluid from our donor animals. However, this method could be quite time consuming depending on the amount of fiber fill in the rumen and often would take 20 minutes or more to collect only one or two gallons. The Rumen-Mate is a simple, fast, and easy, requiring very little training. With the Rumen-Mate, we can quickly collect 5 gallons of rumen fluid in less than 10 minutes. The Rumen-Mate allows much more efficient use of our technicians’ time, allowing them to focus on the other needs of the patients.

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