Bovi-Mate ORS


Bovi-Mate® Oral Rehydration Solution is specifically designed for calves with scours that may be dehydrated and in need of fluids, energy, buffering agents and electrolytes. Bovi-MateORS is scientifically formulated to maximize fluid absorption with dextrose and glycine; provide needed energy from dextrose, acetate, and propionate; alkalinizing agents of acetate and propionate; and provide balanced critical electrolytes of sodium, potassium, and chloride. The liquid concentrate formulation offers instant mixing with no residue at the bottom of the feeding device therefore ensuring the calf receives the entire dose.



Water, dextrose, phosphoric acid, sodium acetate, glycine, sodium propionate, sodium chloride, citric acid, potassium chloride, sodium benzoate, sodium sulfite as a preservative, and orange as a color additive

Place 420 ml (15oz) of Bovi-Mate ORS into a container; add enough warm water to make a total of 2L (2qt) of oral rehydration solution. Administer via esophageal feeder (tube feeder) 2 to 4 times daily along with regular milk feedings. Fresh water should be available at all times to calves.

Per 140ml concentrate:

  • Chloride: 1.20%
  • Sodium: 0.90%
  • Potassium: 0.30%

As Fed each liter contains:

  • Sodium: 130 mM
  • Potassium : 20 mM
  • Chloride: 60 mM
  • Alkalinizing agent: 99 mM
  • Glucose: 246 mM
  • Glucose:Sodium: 1.9:1
  • Osmolarity: 600 mOsm
  • SID: 90 mM

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 6 in

Case, Gallon


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