Bovi-Mate ORS

Bovi-Mate Oral Re-hydration Solution is designed for both dairy and beef calves. It has been formulated as a liquid concentrate to allow near instant mixing and easy accurate dispensing. The formulation is based on scientific research.

  • no milk feeding restrictions
  • easy / accurate dosing
  • ideal balance of electrolytes
  • liquid / no mixing


Drench-Mate Drench®

Drench-Mate Drench | Cow DrenchingDrench for Fresh (Pre-Post Calving) & Off-Feed Cows and Cattle

The Drench-Mate Drench will combat milk fever, aid in dehydration, ketosis, subclinical hypocalcemia, improve digestion, stimulate appetite, and improve performance.

Drench-Mate Drench provides multiple sources of highly soluble calcium, magnesium, niacin, potassium, glucogenic propionate, yeast and vitamins so that your fresh cow will reach optimum peak milk production. Compared to most competitor’s Drench-Mate Drench has SIX sources of calcium that helps in correcting the physiological imbalance caused by the loss of many fluids resulting from the calving process. Such as reduced appetite, milk fever, hypocalcaemia, and retained placentas. Drench-Mate Drench is a supplement that can be easily drenched using one of the available pieces of equipment made by Drench-Mate.

Drench-Mate Drink

Drench-Mate Drink | Cow DrenchingDrench Mate Drink is designed to jump-start the growth of the rumen microbes and to provide critical vitamins and other co-factors that may limit the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. In addition, Drench Mate Drink helps correct the physiological imbalance caused by the loss of fluids, electrolytes and buffers with calving.