Rumen-Mate® with S.S. Wand


The Rumen Fluid Extraction and Transfaunation System

This device gives the ability to extract rumen fluid through a fistula cow. The Rumen-Mate® design has made the process painless and simple for both the farm and school research.


The Rumen-Mate®, designed with its uniquely perforated rumen wand, has made the process of extracting rumen fluid from a donor cow simple and effective. The entire process is called transfaunation and involves the removal of rumen fluid from a healthy herd mate that is then drenched into a sick cow. This equipment makes it possible to collect the pure rumen fluid in a bucket. Then using the same bucket and pump, by only turning two valves, the healthy fluid is easily drenched into a sick cow. The current standard procedure to accomplish this task involves removal of all ruminal contents. These contents must then be processed to separate the rumen fluid from the feed particles, which is time consuming and detrimental to the donor cow.

Sick cows are inevitable for every dairy. Much time and money is spent treating sick cows with marginal results. Using Rumen-Mate, daily rumen fluid harvesting can be accomplished with minimal labor cost. One donor cow can treat three sick cows per day. Rumen-Mate will help eliminate the need for antibiotics and prevent milk contamination.

The transfaunation of sick cows has been shown to increase daily DMI and milk yield. A recent study showed that cows treated with rumen fluid produced 40 pounds more milk and ate 130 pounds of dry matter for the five days after treatment. Any dairy can be part of the global picture to maintain naturally healthy cows, prevent periparturient transition cow diseases, and increase profitability.

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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 28 × 30 in


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