Drenching Cows with Drench-Mate


Drench-Mate believes in preventative medicine, using minerals, nutrients and hydration therapy that is based on science and research. Drench-Mate has everything that is needed in our product line to accomplish this from equipment to the minerals. The days of US dairymen and calf raisers using antibiotics every time an animal gets sick are soon to be in the past. Based on what is happening in other parts of the world preventative medicine will become the core to every farm.

Our Popular Drench-Mate I is a unique pumping system specifically designed for high volume drenching pre or post fresh and sick cows. It was designed for the sole purpose of making cows and cattle drenching easier, lowering the risk, & taking less time to get the job done but yet making it very affordable.

Due to the success of the single dose drencher, ease of use and the big rewards dairymen received from drenching, we were asked by customers to build larger units that could accommodate 25, 55, 150, and 300 gallons of drench. Our goal is to meet the needs for any dairy size-including custom designing systems if necessary.

“Remarkable Recovery”

After meeting the team from Drench-Mate at expo in 2019 and receiving samples of products they have completely changed our post calving cow care! Since using the new drench and drench bucket our cows bounce back after calving so much faster. We also use the drench product on our sick cows and see remarkable recovery on those cows. We can’t thank the Drench-Mate team enough for their help and amazing products!

Madison Skubal, Hilltop Dairy Inc.

“Great Asset”

We use our Drench-Mate constantly and it has been a great asset to our dairy farm.

Deanne Hore, Elmar Holsteins

“Best Lime Spreader Ever – Speedy & Efficient”

The Drench-Mate Stall-Mate has proven to be the best lime spreader we have ever used. Now we can spread lime with speed and efficiency! The Stall-Mate is easy to maneuver and spreads lime evenly over the stalls. The rechargeable battery sufficiently meets our dairy’s needs. We look forward to the continued use of this product!

Hsu Kevin Kai-Chen, Sunnny Land Dairy Farm

“Made the Switch & Haven’t Looked Back!”

We started using Cal Mate, instead of Bolvikalc, in 2020 and haven’t looked back since. We love our drencher from Drench-Mate and found out they sold calcium boluses with the same make up as the competition, but at a fraction of the price. We also love the plastic packaging they come in, very easy to open and they stay fresh in the vacuumed sealed pouch.

Angie Scidmore, Scidmore Dairy

“All Happy Thoughts”

The Cal-Mate CP Fresh Cow Bolus aids in the transition period giving my cows an added boost. All happy thoughts with using this product!

Michael, New York Dairy Farmer

“Drench-Mate Products are the Best!”

“The Drench-Mate products that I use are the best! I have had a Drench-Mate I that I have been using for 10 years and I give my fresh cows the Drench-Mate Drink. Love that stuff! Thanks to my friends at Hilltop Dairy in Wayland, Iowa for leading me to some of these products at the 2019 World Dairy Expo.”

Daily Protocol for Herd Heath

“The Drench Mate I is a key part to our daily protocols for herd health. We’ve been using ours over the last 4 years. It is simple to use and clean. Replacement parts are easy to order and arrive quickly.”

Better Price and Effective!

“I switched to the Cal-Mate CP Fresh Cow Bolus from a competitor’s product because the price was quite a bit better. I have found it to be very effective and easy to use. I give it to every fresh cow to ensure a strong start to their lactation. The better price is a nice bonus!”

Kent Sterk, Le-Dr Dairy

Upward Progress! Excited to Move Forward with Drench-Mate

“We have recently been on a downward spiral as far as our cows freshening in specifically and with some metabolic needs. I am so excited to continue moving forward with these products as we have been implementing and seeing the progression we are able to make with these important tools you have allowed us to use here on our farm.”

Hailey Feusner – Herd Manager, Y-Run Farms LLC, Troy, PA

Stall Prep with 100% Ease!

“Nash Family Creamery is full of tasty treats including a NEW Stall-Mate on the farm to prep their stalls with 100% ease.”

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“Thanks so much for all your help! We do love our Drench Mate bucket a lot and it’ll be nice to have it back in use again.”

Sammi-Jo, RVT, South West Animal Health Centre