Drenching Cows with Drench-Mate


Drench-Mate believes in preventative medicine, using both minerals, nutrients and hydration therapy that is based on science and research. Drench-Mate has everything that is needed in our product line to accomplish this from equipment to the minerals. The days of US dairymen and calf raisers using antibiotics every time an animal gets sick are soon to be in the past. Based on what is happening in other parts of the world preventative medicine will become the core to every farm.

The Drench-Mate I is a unique pumping system specifically designed for high volume drenching pre or post fresh and sick cows and cattle. It was designed for the sole purpose of making cow and cattle drenching easier, lowering the risk, taking less time to get the job done but yet making it very affordable.

Due to the success of the single dose, ease of use and the big rewards dairymen received from drenching, we were asked by customers to build larger units that could accommodate 55, 150, and 300 gallons of drench. Our goal is to meet the needs for any dairy size-including custom designing if necessary.