Drench-Mate Electrolyte Drench Therapy


Drench-Mate (EDT) Electrolyte Drench / with Betaine

Electrolyte Drench Therapy for moderate and severely dehydrated cows is a blend of electrolytes, calcium, glucose precursors and OSMOLYTE to help rehydrate fresh and dehydrated cows.

Betaine is an osmolyte that aids in water uptake by cells and is helpful in the reduction of dehydration.  Betaine has been shown to protect cells from dehydration, normalizing cellular metabolism, growth and vitality of cells, when the animal is under stress, which can benefit animal health and welfare.

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What is Betaine
Betaine is a naturally occurring organic substance found within the cells of many food sources, especially sugar beets.

What are the main functions of Betaine
Betaine has a diverse range of beneficial effects on cellular metabolism. The two most important functions in animal nutrition are as an osmolyte and as a methyl donor. In the case of Drench-Mate Electrolyte Drench, the main function is as an osmolyte.

What is an Osmolyte
Osmolytes help maintain cellular fluid balance by interacting with water molecules increasing the water retention capacity of tissues, including the gastro-intestinal tract and muscle. As an osmolyte, betaine has been shown to protect cells stressed by dehydration, or extreme temperatures and recent studies suggest that it also has beneficial effects on damaged cells. Betaine accumulates in cells protecting them from osmotic stress and dehydration by maintaining their water and ion balance, helping animals cope with water-related stress conditions such as dehydration, diarrhea, etc. Normal cell functions are then better maintained during periods of osmotic stress which helps to maintain cell volume and fluid balance thereby reducing cellular work and improving the efficiency of water balance, protein synthesis, cell division and helping maintain gut cellular integrity. This will benefit the animal’s health and welfare.

What is a Methyl Donor
A methyl donor donates methyl groups for many essential biological functions, for example the synthesis of creatine and carnitine associated with the generation of metabolic energy, DNA and RNA synthesis, muscle growth and immune cell function. The betaine molecule contains 3 methyl groups and it can donate some or all of these as needed.

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Ingredients: Calcium Propionate, Salt, Potassium Chloride, BETAINE Hydrochloride, Calcium Chloride, Silicon Dioxide

Guaranteed Analysis % per one pound dose / 454 grams feeding:

  • Calcium (max)13.90 % / 63 grams
  • Calcium (min): 11.60 % / 53 grams
  • Salt, (max): 36.40 % / 165 grams
  • Salt, (min): 30.30 % / 137 grams
  • Potassium: 3.00 % / 14 grams

For moderate and severely dehydrated cows is a blend of electrolytes, calcium, glucose precursors and osmolyte to help rehydrate fresh and dehydrated cows.

Mix 1 pound Drench-Mate® EDT powder into at least 6.5 – 10 gallons of warm water and administer via “Drench-Mate Drenching System” after calving. Administer via esophageal rument tube using the Drench-Mate® drenching equipment once daily for next two days if needed.

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Weight 51 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 14 × 7 in

5 pack, Bucket – 15 lbs, Bag – 50#, Half Pallet, Pallet


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