Why Drench-Mate?

The Drench-Mate is a unique, high-quality system specifically designed for pumping fluids into ruminants. It features a long 10-foot hose which reaches the bottom of the rumen. Since the cow’s lungs are located in front of the rumen, shorter esophageal tubes on competitive products severely increase the risk of pumping fluids into the lungs. Another Drench-Mate advantage is the ability to quickly detach the esophageal hose from the pump, giving the operator the ability to listen and smell to ensure proper rumen placement.

Quick detach also allows the operator to blow out remaining drench product before retracting the hose from the rumen, reducing the risk of excess drench product draining back into the lungs and causing aspiration pneumonia. A convenient red mark on the hose at 6 feet is used as a guide to ensure the end is in the bottom of the rumen. A unique vinyl hose clamp snaps to the nose tong assembly, preventing displacement of the hose while drenching is in progress.


  • Easy to operate — drenching can be done safely with one person
  • Three models in different capacities to suit operations of all sizes
  • Also suitable for feeding calves
  • Made from durable, high-quality materials
  • All fittings made with corrosion-resistant brass and stainless steel