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The Rumen-Mate is a great addition in the Livestock Medicine and Surgery Service at CSU. It allows us to efficiently collect rumen fluid from a fistulated animal, with only one person. We used to use a syphon method for collecting rumen fluid from our donor animals. However, this method could be quite time consuming depending on the amount of fiber fill in the rumen and often would take 20 minutes or more to collect only one or two gallons. The Rumen-Mate is a simple, fast, and easy, requiring very little training. With the Rumen-Mate, we can quickly collect 5 gallons of rumen fluid in less than 10 minutes. The Rumen-Mate allows much more efficient use of our technicians’ time, allowing them to focus on the other needs of the patients.
Robert J. Callan, DVM, MS, PhD, DACVIM
Service Head, Livestock Medicine and Surgery
Chief of Staff, Large Animal Hospital
Department of Clinical Sciences
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523

Robert J. Callan, DVM, MS, PhD, DACVIM,
We continue to use our Drench-Mate in our teaching hospital (I think it is an original) and it continues to work flawlessly. When we are out at the WSU dairy we generally use theirs. Most of our use centers around sick/ADR cows needing hydration/electrolyte therapy. The nice thing about having the equipment in our hospital is every year we have about 400 total veterinary students in the program and they all get a chance to see and most get to use the Drench-Mate unit. It is the best “pumping” system that I have used in my 39 years of practice.

Steven M. Parish DVM
Professor Large Animal Medicine and Surgery
Washington State University

Steven M. Parish DVM Professor Large Animal Medicine and Surgery Washington State University,
  • 1,500 – cow dairy
  • Purchased Rumen-Mate 2012
  • Uses the rumen fluid for treating sick cows

Harmony Dairy purchased a Rumen-Mate shortly after we had lost one of our 1500 milking cows due to an off feed issue. We had heard about this new tool to not only harvest rumen fluid but also drench it back into a sick cow. The first two cows that we treated with the rumen fluid from a healthy cow using this new device more than payback the cost of the Rumen-Mate.

  • The first cow was severely dehydrated and close to death. We drenched her with 3 gallons of rumen fluid and she perked up and lived so we were able to beef her and got $700 for her instead of costing us $100 for the dead truck, we made about $800 on the first use.
  • The second cow was a very good cow, 6 1/2 months pregnant and producing lots of milk when she came up on the alarm list one morning with only 1 lb of milk on the last milking. Sunken eyes, head down with severe diarrhea and heading for the beef or dead truck. We used our new Rumen-Mate to harvest 3 or 4 gallons of rumen fluid from our fistulae cow which took us about 5 minutes and pumped it into this sick and off feed cow. When we checked on her 4 hours later and I was absolutely amazed when I seen her at the bunk eating. The next day she is standing in the alley chewing her cud. We gave this cow nothing else but a vitamin B shot and the rumen fluid, no drugs, no pills and no IV's. The second cow we figured we save a cow worth at least $1000.

This is by far one of the best investments that we have made to treat off feed and sick cows.

Thank you once again Drench-Mate for bringing real solutions to our dairy and helping us with our sick, off feed and fresh cows.

Eric Vander Kooy, Mt. Vernon WA
Harmony Dairy
  • 2,100-cow dairy
  • Acquired Drench-Mate II in 2004.
  • Uses Drench-Mate between 10 and 20 times daily, drenching sick cows as well as fresh cows that don’t voluntarily drink

"Drench-Mate is convenient, accurate and quick to use. Before we used Drench-Mate, we were carrying one treatment at a time in a bucket, which is hard work and time consuming. Drench-Mate’s 55 gallon tank is easy to pull and we have treatment for five animals right there."

"Our fresh cow health improved dramatically when we started drenching regularly. With Drench-Mate, drenching became much more convenient for us, which means we get it done more often and we save more cows."

"Drenching used to take one and a half hours every day and now it takes just half an hour. That gives the person who does our treatments an extra hour every day to do other important tasks."

Don Niles, Green Valley , Wisconsin
Green Valley Dairy
  • 700-cow dairy
  • Uses Drench-Mate I
  • Drenches every fresh cow within four hours of calving and sick or fevered cows as required.

"We drench to prevent DA’s and to stimulate the cow’s appetite. I believe drenching has increased our milk production and decreased our DA’s. I also think it’s helping our cows reach their peak milk production more quickly."

"I like the Drench-Mate . We used a different pump and a bucket before, but Drench-Mate is friendlier to use and more convenient."

David Van Weerdhuizen, Lynden , Washington
VeenHuizen Dairy
  • 500-cow dairy
  • Drenching for three years. Started with a 5-gallon bucket and hand pump, but switched to Drench-Mate II in summer of 2003.
  • Drenches 1st calf heifers with 10 gallons, cows up to 15 gallons.
  • Uses Drench-Mate to fill bottles for 100 calves, two times daily.

"We drench based on how a cow is looking. If she’s not looking great, we’ll drench her. In Arizona , especially in the summer, getting electrolytes into cows is critical. Fresh cows in particular lose a lot of fluids and those have to be replaced."

"When we used a bucket and hand-pump, we wore ourselves out and often the drenching wouldn’t get done. I love Drench-Mate because it’s easy to use, it’s quick and it really does a good job."

"We haven’t had one minute’s trouble with Drench-Mate’s pump and motor since we started using it, and we use it heavily. We put 80-100 gallons of milk replacement through it twice a day for the calves, plus any cow drenching we do. It’s important enough to us that I even bought an extra pump and motor in case of breakdown, but I’ve never had a single problem."

Tom Blevins, Laveen , Arizona
Cornerstone Dairy Co.
  • 140 cow dairy
  • Uses Drench-Mate I
  • Drenches all fresh cows within 12 hours of calving and sick cows as needed

"I started drenching with Drench-Mate because I was having DA problems – probably 15-20% of my fresh cows and heifers were having DA’s. Now, the problem has been virtually eliminated and my vet bills are down significantly."

"Since I started using Drench-Mate , I’ve found that the cows’ peak milk is 10-12 pounds higher than it was before, and they seem to reach the peak a lot faster than they used to. They also stay on feed better after calving."

Todd Hendrickson, Preston , Minnesota
Roadside Dairy
  • 3,000-cow dairy
  • Uses Drench-Mate III Mega.
  • Drenches sick cows and all fresh cows showing a fever in the first 10 days of lactation.

"I became interested in drenching as a time saver. Our veterinarian often recommended an IV treatment as part of our sick cow treatment program, but we found drenching very effective and much faster at perking up a sluggish cow."

"The Drench-Mate III Mega, 300 gallon unit has made drenching much more convenient for us. It’s possible to mix one batch each morning and then deliver it to each treatment area (sick, fresh, fever) very easily."

Jake Bosma, Tipton , California
Bosma Milk Co.
"We were drenching 10-20 fresh cows every day using an open 5 gallon bucket and a vertical piston hand pump. This was very time consuming since we had to fill the buckets up multiple times and either put a lid on them or not fill them completely full since they would spill."

"In the spring of 2011 we bought our 1st Drench-Mate II and have discovered that it has saved at least 5-6 man hours/day. This 55 gallon mobile unit allows us to drench 10-15 cows with one fill up and keeps the drench product in suspension. The Drench-Mate equipment has a great agitation system."

"In January of 2012 we purchased a second unit since we are so reliant on this unit we could not be without it for even one day. This also gives us the flexibility to use it on multiple locations."

"We are very happy with the Drench-Mate products and their experience and service; we hope to have a long future partnership with them on our dairy operation."

Roberto Bronner, 5000 milking Newcastle, UT
Holt Dairy LLC
  • 5,800-cow dairy
  • All fresh cows and heifers (20-40 per day) are drenched using Drench-Mate III Mega. During summer months, Drench-Mate is used to re-hydrate dehydrated and off-feed cows.

"Since we started using Drench-Mate our DA’s are less than 3 percent and recovery is very good."

"The time we have saved by using Drench-Mate has made us a more efficient dairy operation. We drench more than 100 cows a day in the summer and an average of 50 during the rest of the year. We can drench two cows at once with the Drench-Mate III Mega. We’re very happy with it."

Travis Love, Boardman , Oregon
Willow Creek Dairy
  • 1,300 cow dairy in three locations
  • Drenching with Drench-Mate II since 2004
  • Started drenching regularly to reduce incidence of DA’s in fresh cows.

"We believe in Drench-Mate. I know I have fewer DA’s now because my vet bills have gone down, and we’ve also been amazed how quickly drenching can clean up a dirty uterus."

"If I have to cull a fresh cow that’s sick, I’ll get $300 to $400 for it, but the same cow would fetch me $1000 if it was healthy. The cost to replace the cow is $2000. If I save one cow, I’ve paid for the Drench-Mate machine."

"As a dairy gets bigger, it gets harder to manage cows individually. Drenching with Drench-Mate is like insurance for us."

Ed DeGroot, Mountain Home, Idaho
DeGroot Dairy