Drench-Mate I

Weight: 5.5kg
Width: 22in
Height: 14in
Length: 14in

Category Equipment

6.5 Gallons Single Dose

The Drench-Mate is a unique, high quality pumping system specifically designed for pumping fluids into ruminants. Four sizes are available. For the single dose system we have a 6.5 gallon bucket with a locking screw top lid, a 10 foot poly-hose and a cam-lock fitting for easy detachment. The hose has an adjustable clamp that locks onto the nose tong and frick tube so that the hose does not slip out of the rumen while you are pumping. A red mark on the hose indicates how far it should be inserted into the rumen. Mounted on top is a hand diaphragm pump that has the capacity to drench a cow in 1-1.5 minutes. The Drench-Mate is made of hardened plastic and stainless steel hardware so it will not rust or corrode.

How it Works

To open turn pump lid assembly counter clockwise while holding the lock mechanism. Fill bucket with water and drenching product. Mix thoroughly. To close, point handle of pump to handle of bucket, and turn clockwise 180o. Insert Frick Spectrum Tube and attach nose lead into nostrils. Slide poly hose through Frick Spectrum Tube into rumen. Attach hose grip hook to nose lead to prevent hose from slipping. (Red mark on hose indicates approximate distance from rumen for a mature Holstein cow) Attach cam-lock fitting to pump end. Begin pumping, using entire drench solution. Tilt bucket toward inlet near end of drenching process. Rinse and flush entire system with clean hot water after each use.