Drench-Mate I Instructions

Drench-Mate I Includes:DMI

  • “A”  6 ½ gallon bucket with twist on pump lid
  • “B”  11 ½ long ¾ poly hose with male cam-lock fitting
  • “C”  20 inch locking Frick Spectrum tube with nose lead
  • “D”  ¾ inch female cam-lock fitting

Directions For Use:

  1. To open turn pump lid assembly counter clockwise.
  2. Fill bucket with water and Drench-Mate “Drench” product and mix thoroughly.
  3. To close – point handle of pump away from handle of bucket and turn clockwise quarter turn.
  4. Insert Frick Spectrum tube and attach nose lead into nostrils.
  5. Slide poly hose through Frick Spectrum tube in rumen.
  6. Lock Frick Tube once the red mark is at the end of tube. Red mark on hose indicates the approximate distance from rumen for a mature Holstein cow.
  7. Attach cam-lock fitting to pump end.
  8. Begin pumping and it should take just under a minute, pump entire bucket. If you see the cow NOT chewing then you need to STOP pumping as this can cause a refluxed rumen fluid into the lungs.
  9. Tilt bucket toward inlet near end of drenching process to ensure all of the solution is pumped.
  10. Rinse and flush entire system with clean hot water after each use.

IMPORTANT:  Drenching rate and techniques vary; please consult your local veterinarian.

Watch:  “Drenching Dairy Cows Video” at www.drenchmate.com/media