Drench-Mate 1.5

Weight: 34.1kg
Width: 26in
Height: 45in
Length: 28in

Category Equipment

Multiple Dose, 25-gallon capacity

This new Drench-Mate 1.5 is equipped with the same features at our most popular Drench-Mate single dose bucket but has the capacity to drench 4-5 cows with a single fill up. The same manual pump keeps the product agitated. This is accomplished by the use of a bypass valve  that recalculates the product while you are not drenching. The unit is mounted on a custom made, heavy duty, 2 wheeled cart for easy maneuverability from the water source to the cow. The wheels are solid rubber so they will not deflate.  A rear rack is used to hold the same hose and frick tube assembly as all other Drench-Mate units.